From top to bottom, the whole of Rivet and Hide at 5 Windmill Street, London, is totally bespoke. Just like every piece of rare selvege denim that the shop sells has a story, so does every plank of wood or piece of metal used to create the shop itself.

The details


Reclaimed timber that has come out of, 50-100 year old, buildings the South East of England. Each plank is different in width and length. Cut, laid and finished by hand to give a totally unique pattern and look, which will never be achievable by using standard solid flooring or planks. The floor oozes warmth and character.


Bespoke 5mm thick steel hangers, made by hand in East Sussex by a master fabricator. Each one is slightly different but are all in the same unique design, tailored for Rivet and Hide. The original wooden shouldered shirt and jacket hangers use sustainably sourced FSC approved timber, each shoulder has been cut, shaped and finished by hand, and matched up by eye with the most suitable steel hanger.


Designed for Rivet and Hide to fit the unique hangers and act as a centrepiece for the walls of the shop, the rails are 8mm thick steel that have been cut and shaped in East Sussex. The rail is mounted to the wall but also hung from the ceiling using reclaimed Victorian barrier chain. The rails have been finished in a unique way which gives them a warmer feel than the usual cold, industrial feel that raw steel can have.

The details


The shelving in the shop is made up from reclaimed beach groyne Oak. The groynes have been standing for over 50 years on the beaches of East Sussex as a means of stopping costal erosion. When the groynes are replaced, the old groynes can be dried out and used again – they are sought after due to the distinctive patterns and colours found in them – formed from years of exposure to waves and weather. The shelves are hung on half inch thick hand forged steel brackets, that were made by a master farrier in East Sussex.

Changing room

The fitting rooms are a modular design concept using raw steel to frame the reclaimed timber cladding. The steelwork was fabricated by hand in a workshop in East Sussex, and clad once in place in the shop, using specially selected timbers to compliment the flooring. Both fitting rooms are generously sized and feature a built in bench to allow customers to sit down in comfort to remove footwear. Lighting in the changing rooms is provided by vintage cast aluminium wall lights.


Raw steel framed, hand made in East Sussex, doors clad in reclaimed timber slide past each other like Japanese sliding paper doors, allowing for maximum access to storage space and minimum reduction of shop floor.