Porch out – trench in

The front of the house had a single glazed front porch with the toilet soil pipe running down through it, which was interesting! We removed the porch and will be removing the soil pipe once the new toilet is hooked up. 

The bathroom and toilet is going to be on a completely different side of the house so the next task undertaken was the digging of the trench for the new soil and pipe and sewerage, however the on further inspection the existing clay sewer pipe that we were hoping to join was irreparably cracked.

So the trench fun continues (in frozen ground!) as we dig out all of the clay pipe and replace with plastic.

First step to updating utilities

During this time of ‘removal’ we also got rid of all of the old cabling and pipework. Whilst the floor and stud work was exposed we got our electrician and plumber in to run all of the first fix electric and pipes. 

Southern Gas network and UK power networks came to install a new gas pipe and re-locate the electric supply, meaning we are one step closer to having a property with electricity and gas!

Out comes the wall

The adjoining wall between the kitchen and dining room is next on the hit list. We had already removed the chimney breast so we installed Acro props and Strongboys to support the weight and proceeded to remove the wall. Next we built a supporting peer out of engineering bricks and a lintel for the Steel to sit on.