Kitchen Walls

The walls in the kitchen-diner have been plastered to a perfectly smooth finish, and painted white using the Graco airless sprayer to apply the mist-coat and top coats. 

It’s so satisfying when the final finishes start to go on and the weeks of preparatory work can be appreciated.

When you’ve got an empty room, applying paint to the walls and ceiling using the spray gun is such a time efficient method and gives a far superior finish. Once prepped, a single coat can be applied in minutes.

Kitchen underfloor heating

Next, the underfloor heating system is installed. We use Vario-Pro mat and loose cable electric heating system. 

First the mat goes down onto a bed of tile adhesive, then the cable is pressed into position in a configuration that best suits the rooms shape kitchen layout – you don’t want to heat up the inside of kitchen units so it’s important to lay out the cable with clearance around any fixed furniture. The great thing about Vario- Pro is that the cable can be laid out however you need it, the mat is a similar product to DITRA mat with the added bonus of providing a protective channel for the heating cable to sit in.

Next on is the Self levelling compound; sealing the cable into the mat and ensuring a even distribution of heat across the floor, whilst creating a perfect level surface for the tiles to be installed onto.