Often on social media you only see small snippets of the process, with the impressive transformations and before and after shots. We’ve had an exciting full home renovation in the pipeline for a while, and last week we finally started. The house is currently unoccupied so the perfect opportunity to blog the progress of the project without being too intrusive.

A bit about the property, It’s a 3 bed 1930’s semi detached house in a good location, the theory ‘buy the worst house on the best street’ definitely applies here.

It has ample side and rear space, and a surprisingly well proportioned loft space. It has huge potential to extend the footprint and also make use of the loft area but the primary focus is renovating the space pretty much as is (all bar the removal of the adjoining kitchen, dining room wall to create an open plan kitchen-diner).

First on the list is updating the necessary supplies; this property has old wiring and, because it’s been unoccupied for a while, no gas supply either. We will be removing all of the old wiring and pipework, completing a full rewire and installing a new hot water and central heating system.

Our next focus will be on the ‘essential’ rooms, i.e. the kitchen and bathroom. The rooms that are required in order for the house to be regarded as ‘habitable’.

The kitchen is the one area that at this stage we intend to structurally alter. Over the years the role of the kitchen has evolved from a simple practical space to prepare meals to a communal space where families come together, somewhat the social heart of the home. This property has an original 9m square kitchen and separate dining room which in this day and age is just no longer necessary. We plan to remove this wall, and add a structural steel beam to create a large and open kitchen dining area, spanning the entire rear of the property.

All other areas require repair and decoration of some description, and i’m sure we’ll unveil some unexpected challenges along the way. If you would like regular updates and to follow this project specifically, you can do so by following #mapleendrenovation on our social media channels. 

We can’t wait to get stuck in and plan to share the day to day ‘behind the scenes’ tasks and weekly updates to give true insight into whats involved when it comes to creating that beautiful finished space.