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The bed in the Baby Hampton Room at The Gallivant Hotel

A beautiful en-suite room with a relaxing, natural feel inspired by the beach, featuring built in wardrobes, a marble bathroom and a smaller bed tucked away behind a nook.

A blue patterned headboard and cushion in the Baby Hampton room at The Gallivant Hotel


The Baby Hampton room has a beach inspired theme, echoed in the washed Oak planks on the walls and floors. The light and neutral colour palette sets the tone of relaxation in the room.

Marble bath and sink in The Baby Hampton Room at The Gallivant Hotel


Marble is the key ingredient in the bathroom, with both the bath and sink topped with a beautiful selection of natural stone. The rest of the bathroom features timeless Victorian style taps and sanitary wear.

Pale Blue fitted wardrobes in The Baby Hampton Room at The Gallivant Hotel


A bank of built-in cupboards featuring power points, a fridge, kettle, mirrors and ample hanging space were fabricated and decorated in our workshop prior to installing on site.

Close up view of a Teal shaker door in the Baby Hampton Room at The Gallivant


All of the shaker style doors in the room were made in our workshop to fit the exact aperture of the door frames and cupboard sizes, allowing for the best use of the space available.

Hidden bed behind a curtain in The Baby Hampton Room at The Gallivant Hotel


Hidden behind a curtain is a double bed built into its own room, with the mattress sitting tight to the wall. A wall mounted television makes this bed the perfect place to snuggle up and watch a movie.

opening partition between the bathroom and bedroom in The Baby Hampton room of The Gallivant Hotel


Between the bed and the bath sits a Tulipwood glazed window, handmade in our workshop and fitted on-site, for the essential conversations between bath and bed.

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