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Circular black metal reception desks at the gherkin london with planters in the background

One of London’s most iconic buildings, the Gherkin at 30 St Mary Axe designed by architects Foster & Partners required an update at ground floor level, the entrance lobby to be exact. We worked alongside designers from Foster & Partners to design and build two new reception desks and four planters that double up as seats.

view of the gherkin london reception desks demonstrating the door opening


Futuristic curves with an illuminated shadow gap underneath, the desks look like they are floating, both have a wide curved door to allow staff to access the desk area. Internally the reception desks hide a complex matrix of controls, heating, communication and security technology within the spray-finished joinery and Kikukawa Stainless Steel cladding.

close view of the black circular planter and seat at the gherkin london


Behind the Kikukawa Stainless steel cladding sits a fabricated Stainless Steel framework and pot with segmented water tank and bearing rollers to allow each tree to be rotated easily by hand within the planter, to prevent the trees from growing lop-side. The removable seating allows trees to be watered regularly with ease.

view of the lobby area in the gherkin london with both planters, trees and the reception desks


A mix of spray finished joinery, Stainless Steel fabricated framework, Kikukawa Stainless Steel cladding and Leather covered horizontal surfaces make the reception desks look futuristic and modern, but feel warm and tactile. Each material was chosen for its durability, suitability and aesthetic by the team at Foster & Partners.

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