Sets, props & exhibitions

entrance for the RYOT at MC Motors immersive experience

Held in Dalston’s MC Motors, company RYOT wanted to flip the PowerPoint presentation introduction on its head, creating a totally immersive experience which included walkthrough of a range of different themed rooms and areas which we created for the event.

mock escape room of doors for the RYOT at MC Motors immersive experience


From the minute you step into the room and the door is closed behind you, confusion and panic set in… Which door is the way out? Which door was the way in? What might be awaiting you if you open the wrong door?!

This room was created within an open hall and required all four walls and ceiling to be built for the event and dismantled soon after, with door apertures cut out and surprise elements awaiting unsuspecting guests. A range of reclaimed, vintage and modern doors of all shapes, styles and sizes were sourced and fitted to create a truly mind-bending immersive experience.

mock mad scientists lab for the RYOT at MC Motors immersive experience


Hosted by mad scientists in a room again built in an open hall, The Lab featured clear tubing running in and out of the walls, with brightly coloured balls rolling through each pipe from end to end.

Two actors performed wild scientific experiments on the Stainless Steel work bench, with audience participation akin to the Crystal Maze. LED uplighters running the perimeter of the room acted as emergency lighting, adding to the sense of emergency in the sterile lab environment.

mock cold war listening post for the RYOT at MC Motors immersive experience


Built to resemble a cold war spy base, the Listening Post was constructed in the corner of a huge room in the basement of MC Motors.

Housing a variety of high tech spy equipment such as working CCTV and wiretap recording devices, the audience were ushered through this secretive area and led into the next room, where they knew they were being watched.

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