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A view of the whole Meta garden at the RHS Chelsea flower show 2022

Commissioned by Joe Perkins to design and make a range of pieces for his Meta Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which explored the relationship between fungi and trees. We cut the Oak setts and designed and built the Chanterelle chair and bench, the interactive table, and a ‘core sample’ wall to display specimens of the species of trees used in the garden.

close view of the bespoke furniture at the meta garden RHS Chelsea flower show


Inspired by the Chanterelle mushroom, we created a bench and a seat that we hoped would make guests in the garden feel like they were sitting on a giant mushroom whilst under the web of a mega mycelium. Both pieces were made using native Elm and Chestnut timbers.

close view of the illuminated fungi table, part of the Meta garden at RHS Chelsea flower show


Designed to look like a stump of an Oak tree, stripped of its bark, the interactive table, named ‘hypae’ was a collaboration between us, Artist Sacha Molyneux, Cinemod Studio and LED flex group. Below the dark glass lives a whole world of fungi, illuminated to mimic the connections and networks fungi have between each other.

wood sample wall made from wooden bricks at the Meta garden, RHS Chelsea flower show 2022


A dividing wall with a difference, one which tells the story of the timbers used in the garden. Cross-section samples of all of the different timbers found in the garden, whether in tree form or used in the contraction, are displayed on divided shelves with a large Oak surround.

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