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Oak and Steel contemporary stairs with stainless steel rope balustrades
When our clients opened up their loft space to create a beautiful mezzanine bedroom, they needed a staircase that not only fitted into the tight space, but also felt at home in the contemporary styling of the property.
side view of the Steel and Oak Staircase with light dispersing through the stainless steel rope balustrades


As the mezzanine porthole window looks towards the beach where the local fishing fleet keep their boats, it felt only right to echo the nautical theme with the staircase, hence the use of Stainless Steel rope and loop-eyes against the black finish of the Steel frame, with the Oak treads and handrails bringing warmth character.

close up view of the stainless steel rope and loop eyes on the Oak and Steel Staircase


The staircase treads are centrally supported by a Steel column, with welded up-stands and baseplates for the treads to sit on and structural plates that fix to the floor and the mezzanine. The frame was fabricated in our workshop in sections so that it could be carried through the clients’ house safely, where we then installed it and tensioned all the Stainless Steel rope.

close up view of the Oak stair tread on the Steel frame with a stainless steel rope balustrade


Solid European Oak, kiln dried, with an oiled finish was chosen for the treads and handrail. Each tread consists of one chunky board with perfect grain patterns, other than the wider landing, which is three planks seamlessly jointed together. Matching the treads, the handrail is also European Oak, although selected from stock with more knots and burls, to give character and draw the eye to the irregular grain.

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