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The Cafe Racer retail shop with motorbike jackets displayed on heavy duty Steel rails

When you sell only the coolest motorcycle gear on the market, to the most discerning clientele, your retail space needs to really look the part. We were tasked by The Cafe Racer to transform an empty warehouse unit in Shoreham into an industrial style retail destination, with plenty of storage and offices above. Utilising the existing roller shutter door, we built a shop-front facade behind it which opens into the main shop, a clean and clutter-free space with products displayed on raw Steel shelves and hangers, which look and feel more like a motorcycle parts store than a clothing and apparel shop.

Diagonal timber slat wall at The Cafe Racer retail shop displaying motorbike helmets


A simple yet eye-catching wall of diagonal wooden slats laid out in a truly retro ‘racing stripe’ fashion, the wall has adjustable shelving, hanging rail and pegs, allowing staff to change the layout and production positioning.

Close up of a glass counter display at The Cafe Racer shop


Made in Birch ply, the counter houses smaller, more expensive items on display behind a neat toughened glass display box. It also cleverly hides the till, printer, phone and IT equipment. The corners are all mitred to give a seamless transition between faces.

Steel and timber shelves displaying motorbike helmets at The Cafe Racer shop


Featuring fifteen individually adjustable Steel shelves with Birch ply inserts, the display wall proudly exhibits a stunning and impressive range of helmets, with boots, visors and accessories displayed below on top of the Birch ply, push-to-open storage cabinets.

A wall of motorbike gloves having from pegs at The Cafe Racer shop


A monolithic block standing in the centre of the room, the giant peg-board glove display is made in Birch ply, with holes evenly spaced across each face, offering versatile display options with wooden friction-held pegs which act as hangers and shelf supports.

The Cafe Racer retail shop with motorbike jackets displayed on heavy duty Steel rails


Motorcycle jackets are heavy, so a heavy-duty display solution was required for The Cafe Racer- made in 50mm box section steel and clad in Birch ply, the units are adjustable on both display height and number of forward-facing display rails.

floor standing Steel clothing rail at The Cafe Racer shop


Mild Steel, finished in clear matt lacquer, the clothing rails are built to take a lot of weight but still be able to move around the shop, the simple ‘A’ frame design is beefed up with a gusset similar to those found on classic motorcycle frames.

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