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Blue Valchromat floating vanity unit, with modern round bathroom sink and black tap

As we were ripping out an old bathroom in a beautiful house on The Mount that had been sectioned into flats many years ago, it was clear to see that everything from the floor to the walls needed replacing. Our clients, a photographer and artist respectively, knew exactly what they wanted and led the design from start to finish, we worked to their exact specification to deliver the bathroom that they desired.

side view of the Blue Valchromat floating vanity unit, with modern round bathroom sink and black tap


Blue Valchromat floating vanity unit, designed and made in the workshop, featuring soft close runners, round finger-pull drawer detail, and a counter top basin. 

This unit was a joy to make and opened our eyes to the potential that Valchromat has to offer in both joinery and decoration. The clients loved the Valchromat so much so that we made them a large storage cupboard and used it for the doors.


Created using softwood planks which had come from an old cheese shop, the feature wall is rich in colour, texture and character, with round cheese stains and melted wax dotted across each board.

Behind the wall, all of the plumbing for the toilet and basin are hidden away, along with the toilet pan, cistern and fitting kit – allowing the pan to ‘float’ above the floor.


Terrazzo Encaustic Cement tiles were installed on the wall with thin grout lines. Unlike regular tiles, these tiles have to remain unmarked, and have to have any trace of water, adhesive or grout wiped off immediately to ensure they don’t stain. They have to be sealed the day after they are laid, then once grouted, then again once shortly after. Although labour intensive compared to regular porcelain or even natural stone tiles, the finished product is beautiful.

The floor and bath panel tiles are porcelain, with a tight diamond grid line, which give the impression of a light grey tile from a distance, until you see the patterning closer up.

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