Kitchen walls and floors

Kitchen Walls The walls in the kitchen-diner have been plastered to a perfectly smooth finish, and painted white using the Graco airless sprayer to apply the mist-coat and top coats.  It’s so satisfying when the final finishes start to go on and the weeks of...

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3 weeks in

Porch out - trench in The front of the house had a single glazed front porch with the toilet soil pipe running down through it, which was interesting! We removed the porch and will be removing the soil pipe once the new toilet is hooked up.  The bathroom and toilet is...

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A few weeks in

A few weeks in and at this point its all about removal. This property has been left unoccupied for a while and as a result a fair amount of multi coloured mould has made its self at home on the remaining fixtures. So it makes sense to remove as much of the...

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